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How to create a curved curtain wall

You may already come across the issue of faceted curtain panels and mullions in the curved curtain wall. Revit doesn’t allow the curved curtain wall by default unless the curtain panel is actually created as the curved panel, but the mullion cannot be curved. It is quite difficult to create the curved curtain panel with mullions as a parametric family and to make it work as expected.

faceted curtain wall

Of course, you can use the system curtain panel and modify it like the in-place model, but it is difficult to update the design changes. It should be able to follow the curtain wall line to reduce the amount of work to update the changes.

Curved Curtain wall

❶ Select the Curtain Panel and click the Edit In-Place button in Modify tap

❷ Don’t Edit Extrusion as it has the vertical reference plane. Delete the extrusion and re-create it on the horizontal reference plan (Level). Draw the outline and adjust the height

❸ When finished, click the Finish Model Button However, there is no way to make the curved mullion, so make sure to include the mullion in the curtain panel.

Curtain panel can be a wall

The wall element can be inserted to the curtain wall as curtain panel and the wall can be curved!

wall can be curtain panel

Before replacing the panel, you need to remove the curtain grid in the section since it cannot be used.

❶ Select the curtain panel and unpin it if it is pinned

❷ Search the wall type and select it

❸ Relocate the wall to align to other panels

How about the mullions?

The mullion cannot be curved so there should be something to use with the wall. As the wall element is used for the curtain panel, it makes sense to use the wall sweep to present the mullion. Again, it is not automatically updated to match the curtain grid, but it is still a good choice to show the graphic you want.

Place wall sweep

❶ Activate any 3d view

❷ Go to Architecture tap and click the drop-down button in Wall, select Wall Sweep

❸ Select the wall sweep type, which has the same profile as the mullion

❹ Place the sweep on the wall

❺ Adjust the wall sweep location to match the curtain grid

❻ Change the Offset from Wall value to align the sweep

To Sum up

It is not the best way to resolve the issue, but modelling should be flexible in the design phase if the tool has the limitation. It should be replaced by the proper curtain panel for the construction stage to quantify the panel numbers although it is a time-consuming task.


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