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Re-use view templates for New Projects


If you have been working in Revit for a while, you might have a set of view templates all over the projects, and you want to re-use them in other or future projects to maintain the graphic consistency or keep using your working templates. In Revit, it is possible to transfer the view templates from one to another, but there are certain steps that have to be taken. Let’s take a look at how to bring your stuff.

working graphic in revit

Workflow Overview

view template re-use workflow

[1] Collect working graphics from your views in the projects and save them as a view template [2] transfer them to the container file

Save your view template first

If you haven’t created your working view templates, you need to make it first from your working view, which has your graphic standards applied.

save view templates

[1] Find your working view that you want to save the graphics

[2] Right-click the view and select ‘Create View Template From View…’

[3] Name your view template and it will be saved in the project Save the view templates from other projects and make a collection of working view templates!!

How to transfer to the project?

After saving all the view templates, now it is time to transfer them to your container file.

how to transfer to the project

[1] you need to open two files: one that is your container file, and another which has the view templates that you saved in the previous.

[2] Manage > Transfer Project Standards

[3] Select the file that you want to copy from. If you open just one file, it will display it only.

[4] There will be a long list of possible contents that you can copy to the working project. However, you will need the setting associated with the view template. This might be your default list of the settings:

☑ Object Style ☑ Phase Settings ☑ Project Parameters View Templates ☑ Viewport Types

☑ Colour Fill Schemes ☑ Fill Patterns ☑ Halftone and Underlay Settings ☑ Line Patterns ☑ Line Styles ☑ Line Weights

[5] Scroll down and find the View template and associated settings.

[6] once it is checked and hit OK, it will bring all the view templates from the file (you don’t get to choose what you want to copy…come on….)

[7] All your view templates have been copied into the container file! Now you have your container file ready, so if you want to bring these templates to the new working project, do the same process again.

One more tip

It is important to have the same setting, such as using shared parameters, so the previous settings work. It is dependent upon the setup in the reference project, and make sure to bring the associated settings together like the colour scheme, view type, filters, etc. It is convenient to have a Revit file, which contains all your working view templates.


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