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Understanding scope box in REVIT

Scope box is a 3d transparent object that controls the view extent. It can easily be adjusted after creating it, so make sure it is pinned in order to prevent unwanted modification. Note that scope boxes shouldn't get printed in construction documentation. You can hide the scope box in the print setting by checking the Hide Scope Boxes.

scope box overview


  • Scope box cannot be drawn precisely

  • Make sure X-Y-Z is correct

  • Scope box is drawn as a box only

  • Appropriate Naming Convention

  • It should be managed by BIM manager only

  • Use for the repetitive view extent only.

5 Useful tips for scope box

Working with the sheet

It is recommended that it should be worked with a sheet to make sure that there is breathing space and including the overlapping zone.

Associate the levels and grids with the scope box

To control the extent of levels and grids, the levels and grids should be associated with the scope box, which should cover the site.

associate level with scope box

Scope box for Grids and Levels should cover all elevation and section marks

If the marks are placed outside of the scope box, the grids and levels won’t be shown.

cover all elevation marks

Don’t abuse using it

Many scope boxes can be difficult to manage (you cannot select all the instances in the project unless you use the third-party plug-ins). You don’t need a scope box for a single view. Make sure the scope box should be created when they are used many times in multiple views.

too many scope boxes

Only turn on the scope box when working

In order to avoid any mistakes from the team members, they should be turned off all the time unless you need to add/modify them. I would recommend using a temporary view when working on them since it wouldn't impact the primary view settings.

turn off scope box

How to create a scope box?

Scope boxes can be created in plan views only. Once it is created, it can be re-sized and re-located in all view types: Plan, elevation, section, and 3d view.

how to create a scope box

  1. Activate one of the plan views

  2. Go to View Tab > Create panel > Scope box

  3. Draw the boundary of the scope box by clicking in the upper left-hand corner to the lower right-hand corner.

  4. The scope box is created, so now you can name it in a logical way.

  5. After creating the scope box, you need to apply the scope box to the desired views.

Note: To assign the scope box to view/views, you don’t need to select the scope box in plan views, elevation, section or 3D views. You can find a list of scope boxes already created so just select one of them to assign to the view/views.

To sum up

Setting up scope boxes is one of the most important tasks for the project. Managed and organised scopes make the documentation easy, but make sure it is managed by your project BIM manager.


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