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Essential Dynamo Packages

Dynamo is a visual programming tool and very useful to automate the documentation or parametric design. It will allow architects and engineers saving lots of time and effort on the project. As Revit is not a perfect software and has many limitations, you will need some add-ins or third-party apps to help your tasks, but it costs and may not be perfectly meet your needs. That’s why you will need Dynamo for that. It is a free software, normally included in the latest Revit when installed, and you can build your own scripts for that purpose.

Dynamo Tool Location

Dynamo is located in the Manage tap in Revit. There are two buttons namely Dynamo and Dynamo player. Dynamo is to build your script, whereas the player will run the script without opening Dynamo.

Dynamo Location

Dynamo is still lacking features, but there are plenty of packages developed by users available in the app, which makes it extremely useful (meaning you don’t need to create a script if it is not built-in). The issue of that is there are too many packages out there and it is difficult to find the right packages for your task. However, there are essential packages you need to install before getting into it.

How to install

Dynamo Package install

1 - Go to Manage tap > Run Dynamo in Revit

Dynamo Package install

2 - Go to Packages and select search package. You don’t need to create a new one or open the existing file and you will be searching the packages online.

Dynamo Package install

3 - Click the Sort by button and set the filter to download.

4 - Select the packages that you want to install and find the right version. Click the Install button.

Dynamo Package install

In general, the ones on the top list are the most downloaded packages, which means they have the most popular nodes and scripts for day-to-day tasks. It is important to know that there are different versions of packages available, so you need to ensure which version of the package you are installing. Installing the latest package might cause some issues. If you click the description area, you will see further information on the packages. Just check the right one.

Dynamo Package install

5 - The installed packages can be found in the browse at the bottom-left Here are the essential packages that I usually download before using Dynamo.

Essential Packages

Essential Dynamo Packages

Genius Loci

- 300+ custom nodes that allow exporting from Revit, importing, interacting with linked files and Revit documents, managing materials and graphics, and automating dimensions.


- Clash Detection nodes & Geometry Intersection nodes & Linked Elements nodes


- Great for UI input design and other custom nodes Note: some packages are discontinued.


- A collection of over 50+ custom nodes for basic list operation and advanced Analysis Visualization Framework


- Revit-related nodes, list management, mathematical operations, string operations, geometric operations, panelling, etc.

Spring node

- Core, Geometry, Revit-related nodes. It focuses on Dynamo’s interaction with Revit.


- Core, Revit, UI, View Extension and Python related nodes

To Sum Up

I don’t think it will cover all of your needs, but it is a good start, and you need to get a habit to search the script or the best workflow on the internet as they have a good community to support the users. Moreover, learning Python is a great option to be independent of the packages.


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