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essential revit template

Meticulously curated content and integrated system ensure understanding your needs at every stage

Essential Design Template is a Revit template that is created by quadmeta to assist any small-medium business to implement the BIM environment. It includes all the features that most companies have in their template. From our extensive experiences in various major architecture and engineering firms, we combine the best features from them into this template.

Why Need Template?

save money and time from template

Save Your Time and money

Creating a template is an extremely time-consuming task and it may not result in your anticipated outcome. That’s why we provide our essential template to start from. What you need to do is to amend the naming convention and graphics.

consistent workflow

Consistent Workflow

We strive to create a template that can serve everyone and to minimise the amount of work you need to do if you want to tailor the template to suit your standard.

consistent graphics

Consistent Graphics

We strive to create a template that can serve everyone and to minimise the amount of work you need to do if you want to tailor the template to suit your standard.


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Coordination Ready

Ensuring accurate classification across all objects facilitates seamless communication with other consultants and enhances collaboration. Our template integrates Uniclass, Omniclass, and IFC classifications into the majority of objects.





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Coherent Framework 

In order to streamline workflow and maintain consistency, shared parameters are provided, playing a critical role in the formation of a cohesive BIM system. The template unifies the system, ensuring coherence and efficiency throughout various stages of project development and collaboration.

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Quality Assurance

Ensuring the model's integrity is vital for any BIM project. Our essential template includes schedules designed to facilitate model audits, promoting accuracy and reliability throughout the project lifecycle.


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Coding System

Establishing a Coding System is crucial for extracting information effectively in BIM. This template provides a comprehensive list of tags utilizing Object Prefix, which can be customized to align with your company's standards.




It is carefully considered every aspect of practices that would need for building the BIM environment. There are 6 parts that are required when the project is commenced. The content in the template can be used from the schematic design stage, but the associated families should be developed based on the design process. All descriptions are included in the template as sheets so as to easily access the information.

Pre-set Material Palettes

Although there are many existing materials including physical and appearance assets in Revit, creating materials is always a time-consuming and boring task. That’s why we have prepared enough materials to start with in order to save you more time and enjoy the template.