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Filled Region in Revit Family Template 2023

Since we normally use our customised family templates from Revit 2019 for content creation, we didn’t really pay attention to the family template.

Recently, we have found out that the filled region is now available in the family template in Revit 2023. Previously, in order to present different patterns using 2d elements, you have to nest the detail item to the family, which is inconvenient and increases the file size (I hate a family bigger than 2mb). Moreover, if you need more patterns, then it will be more nested families or more layers of the filled region nested.


filled region location

You can find the fill region in Annotate Tap.

Associated Family Parameter for Fill Pattern

associated family parameter for fill pattern

In addition to that, now it is possible to assign the family or shared parameters to change the fill patterns, which means no more overlapping filled regions for different patterns and bumping up the file size!!! It is amazing for me as I love creating Detail Items for presentations and construction details. However, you still cannot change the colour in the project, and you need to create additional regions for more options.

To Sum up

In my opinion, it would be good to have the Label parameter where you can select different filled regions, like family type rather than assigning the parameter to the pattern. I hope Autodesk will update this function in the future as I can see Revit has been improved at the fastest pace.


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