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How to use the same sheet number in Revit

Revit doesn't allow you to use the same number in a generic numbering system. For example, you cannot have two A100 sheets in the project. You cannot have Room Number 101 and 101. As Revit is so SMART, it doesn't like that. I have seen some people using project/shared parameters to avoid this kind of restriction.

HOWEVER, there is a way to trick Revit and I would like to share this tip.

Let's talk about how to use the same number in Revit. The answer is simple 'Unicode'. Some Unicode is not displayed in Revit such as US (Unit Separator). So we are using it to display the same number in impossible sections by adding it.

It might be a rare chance to use these tips, but you never know when you might need this function as some clients might request unexpected deliverables which cannot be done in Revit.


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