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Top 10 best practices for Revit users

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Hi there, I would like to share some best practice tips for Revit users. I often find many users are not aware or do not know why it is so important when Reviting. There is a lot of information on this subject, but I would like to point out some of the best practices that I think every Revit user should know.


do not import dwg in Revit

[DWG related]

Bringing in dwg files will increase the size of the model which means your model will be slow. Imported dwgs are difficult to manage and delete once it is done by several users, especially when it is imported as the current view only option. it is recommended to request the BIM manager to work on this.


Do not explode in Revit

[DWG related]

This is another never do stuff. This will affect the Revit performance significantly. especially, segmented lines will kill your Revit. It will also bring the layers and linework from the DWG which is not an easy fix.


Do not align in Revit

[DWG /Modelling related]

It is quite common for most people working with DWG files. I would say DO NOT trust DWGs as a modelling reference. You may have an alignment issue that will cause 'off the axis.' This warning can be ignored, but when you do documentation, it will be a huge pain to fix all the warnings as you cannot dimension the non-parallel elements.


Do not nest group in group in revit

[Group related]

Some people tend to group in groups. This will cause a chain of issues and break the group. The group should be easy to use in general, but it is not the case in Revit. It is still recommended to use it when you have a repetitive element. However, it should be mindful that there are some constraints when certain elements are included in a group such as floor-hosted family.


do not mirror group in revit

[Group related]

It is often accepted by some, but it is not recommended to mirror the group. When the group is mirrored, all the elements will be mirrored as well, taking an example of plumbing fixtures. When it is mirrored, the cold and hot water pipe connection will be mirrored which should not be. Although the layout is mirrored, all the connections should be consistent.

6. Follow LOD requirement

lod comparision in Revit

[Modelling related]

Some people do not know about the LOD requirements, so they less-model or over-model. It is important to know how far you need to model for your package, then it will save you a lot of time eventually. The people who are used to the 2d workflow tend to use more 'detail items' that model it properly. Moreover, it is time-consuming and wastes resources if it is over-modelled. No one will be appreciated except for the one who models.

7. Use Right Workset

use right workset in revit

[Workset related]

This is for everyone, even some who have extended experience in Revit. It is often forgotten when you focus on the tasks as Autodesk makes it that way. Changing the Workset every time you model is annoying. However, it is also crucial to assign the right Workset in the right elements as Workset is the primary function to control the visibility.

8. Use Far clipping

use far clipping in revit

[Far clipping related]

It is an essential tool, but not many people are not aware of its merit. When you disable the option, Revit will calculate all the background data which will make the application slow. If you limit the view by using the far clipping, it will show what is necessary and could avoid wasted resources.

9. Delete unused view/family/group/design option

delete unused in revit

[Revit management]

Although you delete the family in the view, they will still remain in the project and taking some valuable spaces in the file. So, let's get them out if you do not use them. You could purge the elements, but I would be so cautious when using it. You may delete some of the backup elements.

10. Pin the elements that should not be changed

pin elements in revit

[Modelling related]

It is critical to pin the elements such as levels and grids when you work with other team members. There is a possibility to make some mistakes, and no one will be aware of the change unless you have Pyrevit. Please make sure if it is a global reference, then pin it. However, do not pin everything you do as it will slow down Revit.

To Sum Up

There are more best practice tips, but I think these are the most important rules to follow. Please remember this and be the best person on your team.


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